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Frequently Asked Questions 1. What is a hair transplant? Hair transplantation involves the relocation of hair from an area of greater density and fullness from the back of the scalp to an area of hair loss on top of the head. 2.What is MicroFUE technique hair transplantation? MicroFUE technique is the top of the lıne newest and most advanced technique for hair transplantation. With this technique, individual hair grafts (micrografts which usally contain 1 to 3 hair roots with a little skin) is obtained from the donor scalp region using a micromotor and micro-punch tips less than 1 mm in diameter (0.6-0.8 mm) under

Seven Reasons To Choose Turkey For Hair Transplantation Seven Reasons to Choose Turkey for Hair Transplantation 1. Competitive price The price for this procedure is one-third or more compared to the ones in Europe. If in Europe and the United States, one would pay between $7,000-$25,000 for hair transplant using the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method. Prices in Turkey vary between $2,200 and $7,000 depending on the complexity of the procedure, the number of grafts needed, the method chosen, the clinic and the surgeon. No matter what the price is, patients could save up to 80 percent for this procedure coming to Turkey. 2.

Hair Loss Reasons Aestimed Observation Whether it’s noticing extra strands in your comb or finding clumps of hair in the shower drain, the moment you realize your hair is thinning can be harsh. But luckily, hair loss prevention has come a long way, and we now know that it’s not just about genetics. “The great thing is that environmental and physical stressors are something we can take charge of,” Aestimed says “Simple and easy things like maintaining a healthy diet and selecting the right shampoo can protect against hair fall.” It’s also important to know what can cause damage. “Many guys

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