Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation involves the relocation of hair from an area of greater density and fullness from the back of the scalp to an area of hair loss on top of the head.

2.What is MicroFUE technique hair transplantation?

MicroFUE technique is the top of the lıne newest and most advanced technique for hair transplantation. With this technique, individual hair grafts (micrografts which usally contain 1 to 3 hair roots with a little skin) is obtained from the donor scalp region using a micromotor and micro-punch tips less than 1 mm in diameter (0.6-0.8 mm) under the magnifying view of an ocular microscope.
This technique is the most delicate hair transplantation application and involves no incision, no suture, no pain, no scarring. The net effect is faster healing with reproducible natural results compared to the other standard hair transplantation techniques.

3.What is the average cost of a MicroFUE hair transplant operation?

Anyone who has a regular income can easily afford the cost of a hair transplant operation. However the cost changes dependıng on a nature of hair loss and the number of micrografts required.

4.Is there any age limit for the operation?

There is no upper age limit for a healthy person, it can be performed even in very old ages. It is better to apply after 25 in young ages. However, it can rarely be performed before 25 if hair loss process is completed.

5.Is MicroFUE hair transplant safe?

Yes. It is perfectly safe in terms of health. Any surgical risk or complication has not been observed in patients.

6.Is MicroFUE an easy operation?

Yes. A lot of patients are surprised because of the easiness and comfort after the operation. First skin numbs with anesthetic ether spray by cooling. Then local anesthesia is applied. The effect of anesthesia lasts for 12-14 hours.

7.How long does the operation take?

An average mega session microFue operation for 3000-3500 grafts lasts 6-7 hours.

8.Do I feel the pain after the operation?

The effect of local anesthesia lasts 6-7 hours. After that, patients can spend their time comfortably by taking mild painkillers.

9.Does the result look natural?

Yes. Distributing hair homogeneously and densely in the recipient area, designing front hairline naturally and aesthetically and filling the area with the hair densely create a natural looking result.
Hair transplant is among the most frequent operations because of the natural looking and permanent results.

10.Is the result permanent?

Hair follicles taken from the donor areas (back and sides of the head) are genetically resistant to the hormones causing hair loss. These follicles can keep their genetic features in the recipient area too. So they become permanent.

11.Is there any scar after left the operation?

No. MicroFUE is a seamless and no-scar operation.

12.Does the hair in the donor area diminish?

Without any obvious diminishing or thinning, the half of the hair at the back of the head can be taken in 3-4 sessions safely thanks to MicroFUE technique.
Even from the patients suffering severe hair loss, 5-6 thousand grafts can be taken from the donor area. So this means approximately 15 thousand hair follicles with satisfying results.

13.Does hair transplant really work?

Yes. It is the only effective treatment in our day for hair loss. A great majority (around 98%) of transplanted hair follicles survive and grow.

14.How long does it take to go back to work and normal life after the operation?

Normal daily activities can be performed the day after the operation. In 2-3 days, you can start working and your normal life. After a week, you can do heavy exercise, or go swimming.

15.When can I start travelling after the operation?

If it is necessary you can travel the next day after operation. However we suggest patients to have a rest one day after operation and leave the other day.

16.When can I start to see the result?

Translanted hairs fall off in the first month. Three months later, they start growing permanently. In the begining, they can be thin and curly. It will be thicker and more like your natural hair as it grows. Nine months after operation, the final outcome can be observed.

17.Does it need to be checked later?

The bandage at the back of the head is opened the next day after the operation.There is no need for special treatment or any check after that. You can wash your haiy by yourself.

It will be better to come for a check or share your pictures with us 9 months (when final result appears) later to evaluate the results.

18.How many operation do I need to have?

It depends on your age, the type of the hair loss, the size of the head, hair thickness, hair type, the density of the donor area and your expectations ad wishes.

One session is enough for ideal patients.It may change between 1 to 4 sessions. A lot of people have 2 sessions. There are 9 months between 2 sessions.

19.Do I need to apply a special care to my hair?

No special treatment is needed. The hair that grows after the operation is your own natural hair. So you can treat them as you always do. You can have haircut in any style or dye it in any color you want.

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