1 – We complited over 6000 hair transplants from all over the World


2 – We work with the latest equipments 


3 – We listen and comprimıze with our patients


4 – We always aim for maximum grefts for the best possible results 


5 – We follow up and guarante your transplant for lıfe time 


6 – We provide effortable prıces for high quality services


7 – Aestimed always behind the patient ıncase of any unexpected results


8 – Our Hospıtal and clinic has the TUV, ICO and JCI quality certeficate 


9 – We speak English and Arabic in advance level 


10 – We choose the best location , quality and high level service hotels for our patients ( Swiming pool , good english , good wi-fi ,Gym etc .. )


11 – We do guarantee your transplant operation by the success of below 70 % we do the second operation for free