Our top priority is to fully meet the expectations of our patients whilst undergoing treatment within our facility. In order to achieve this we endeavour to provide the highest quality of service whilst maintaining the maximum level of comfort.

We are working with state of the art surgical equipment in the implication of the FUE technique and we have a team of highly qualified and experienced Doctors who endeavour to provide the best possible service to our clients.


1 – We complited over 6000 hair transplants from all over the World


2 – We work with the latest equipments 


3 – We listen and comprimıze with our patients


4 – We always aim for maximum grefts for the best possible results 


5 – We follow up and guarante your transplant for lıfe time 


6 – We provide effortable prıces for high quality services


7 – Aestimed always behind the patient ıncase of any unexpected results


8 – Our Hospıtal and clinic has the TUV, ICO and JCI quality certeficate 


9 – We speak English and Arabic in advance level 


10 – We choose the best location , quality and high level service hotels for our patients ( Swiming pool , good english , good wi-fi ,Gym etc .. )


11 – We do guarantee your transplant operation by the success of below 70 % we do the second operation for free

12 – We respond back fast for your emails and feedback